May. 2019

Get Ready!


Here comes the morning, when the dark blue sunshine comes into the room from the slight gap of the curtain.

Here comes the morning, when you are brought back from the world of sleep by the songs of the birds, by a loved one’s voice, or just by the snooze of your alarm.

Here comes the morning, when you wrap yourself again with the blanket and go back to sleep again.

It’s time to get ready: you wash your face, eat toast, do makeup, brush your teeth, and put on your coat in front of the mirror.

In my opinion, our daily morning routine is similar, regardless of the cultural differences between Japan and other countries.

But, if you look at each person’s morning closely, surely everyone has his/her own way to get ready for the new day.

So, let’s take a glimpse at a person’s routine or style for a new day or even a new life from locals! Hope you find the similarity and difference in your morning style and his/hers.

From: SAKI.S (Chief editor of mono.coto Japan)


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