Japanese Shrines Always Make Me Feel Calm — Ushijima Shrine, Tokyo

essay, May. 2019


It was such a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon to see cherry blossoms when I visited Ushijima Shrine, Tokyo. It’s beside Tokyo Skytree and Sumida Park, which is very popular for cherry blossoms, reflecting on the surface of the Sumida river.

I was looking forward to letting myself stay under the trees to feel the energy.

As I expected, Sumida Park was full of people. On the other hand, I only saw several people at Ushijima Shrine, even though it was at the entrance of the park.

But I understood. I prayed at the shrine quickly this time, because I was so excited to see cherry blossoms, which I could see behind the shrine.

While leaving the shrine, I noticed that Ushijima Shrine was full of a pure and clean atmosphere as usual, regardless of the crowds of the park, and even though I was very excited and couldn’t wait to see the cherry blossoms.

The shrine always stays there and makes visitors feel calm and peaceful, even if their daily lives are tired, busy or stressful.

That’s why I always straighten my back when I pass through a torii (the entrance of the shrine).

Certainly, shrines always teach me how to be peaceful and dignified at any time.

Ushijima Shrine from Asakusa Station (Open Google Map)
From Tokyo Skytree Station (Open Google Map)
Sumida Park official website

Ushijima Shrine and Sumida Park are close from Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree.

Asakusa is a traditional city where you can enjoy the temple Sensoji, Japanese sweets, kimonos, and high-quality Japanese kitchen tools (Kappabashi Street)!

Tokyo Skytree is the highest tower in Japan where you can enjoy the whole view of Tokyo.
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