As If the Flowers Would Bloom Only for Me

essay, Mar. 2019


If you live in Tokyo, it would be very tough to go out on the weekends, and the reason is very simple: there are just too many people.

So, one weekend, my husband and I planned to go outside of Tokyo: Kanagawa, a prefecture next to Tokyo.

Our destination was Zushi, a city along the beach in Kanagawa.

There are several popular destinations in Kanagawa, such as Yokohama, Kamakura, and Hakone, but Zushi is not the one.

That’s why we chose it: for us, it seemed to be a nice secret, quiet place to spend a weekend.

When we arrived at the Zushi train station, what we saw at first was an old shopping street.

As we expected, there were not too many people, and we only saw locals. We walked slowly, which we never did in Tokyo, and looked for some nice restaurants for lunch.

However, before we found a restaurant, my husband said “I’m really starving,” and rushed into Mos Burger, a Japanese hamburger fast food franchise restaurant, and bought fried chicken.

I kept saying “why can’t you wait till lunch?” to him, but once he gave me a taste, I stopped complaining; Mos Burger fried chicken is always delicious.

After eating lunch at a small Italian restaurant, as I wished, we headed for a beach.

We walked through a residential area, where many colorful houses stood, and they reminded me of a tropical country; Zushi is warmer even in winter or spring, compared to other areas in Kanagawa and Tokyo.

On the way to the beach, we found a small donut shop. I bought a chocolate one. It was soft, not oily (so, easy to eat), but still full of chocolate flavor. I definitely would eat one there again when I revisit Zushi.

We passed under the road at last, which looked like a small tunnel, to the beach.

Suddenly a dazzling sea filled my eyes. I like to go to beaches in the off-season: there are few people, and above all, there is no concern about sunburn (1).

My husband and I were supposed to walk side-by-side while talking along the beach, but he started to look for a good branch to write on the sand, and I looked for beautiful shells.

Somehow, the sea brought us back to little kids.

There was still time until the sunset, so we started to hike a small hill just behind the beach. At the top, we could see the sea colored with orange.

On the way back, we climbed down to the bus stop. We waited for a bus in the park.

I got on the swing and turned to the right, and found two trees lined up alone at the corner of the park.

It was still cold that day, but two branches of the tree were already blooming.

Since no one besides me was paying attention to the flowers, I felt they were very special, as if they would bloom only for my.

Full-bloomed cherry blossoms would be definitely beautiful than the flowers here, and now I’m not sure whether the flowers were really cherry blossoms, but still, I found them very beautiful and special, more than when I saw full-bloomed gorgeous cherry blossoms.

There are not many eye-catching things in non-sightseeing places, but there are more unique and special things we can find, which are not known to everybody.

That’s why I can’t stop walking around on my own to explore a place full of unexpected scenes.

1. Japanese women tend to avoid sun tanning or sunburn, and prefer to keep their skin light in color. Traditionally, light skin is thought to be an important aspect of a beautiful woman.

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