Taking Beautiful Ocean Pictures at Toyosu Park, Tokyo

essay, Sep. 2019

mao nakazawa

One year has passed since I became a freelance photographer. I was busy these days, but suddenly I got some off-days. It was such a day when I called a friend of mine and asked her to come to Toyosu Park, Tokyo. 

While waiting for her, I was sitting on the bench at the park, enjoying the ocean view of Tokyo Bay, and remembered myself two years ago.

It was when I was 28 years old. I was working hard every day, holding a heavy camera and taking lots of pictures. That was the only thing I was doing at that time, as if I was obsessed. Many of my friends got a steady job, got married and even already had children. Even though I was doing what I loved to do, I felt I left behind; my job was unstable, I didn’t make a lot of money. I was single and didn’t have kids. I had vague anxiety.

Still, what I saw through the lens of the camera was very beautiful. Or, maybe, it seemed more beautiful than usual because I was depressed.

At that time, I also came to Toyosu Park and took a picture. It was out of focus, as if I saw the ocean with teared eyes.

I suddenly stopped remembering my past when my friend, Yamaguchi, came to me. She was also a freelance photographer like me, so we talked a lot about our work.

Before becoming a freelance photographer, I thought I definitely would feel lonely. However, actually, I had much stronger relationships with others than when I worked for a certain company and had a colleague. Spending time with Yamaguchi at Toyosu Park reminded me of this. 

In front of the ocean view, Yamaguchi was eating ice cream and talking about her work and life honestly. While listening to her quietly, I was taking her pictures. What a peaceful and warm time. Finding a friend with whom you feel comfortable might be more difficult than finding a lover whom you can love deeply. I was lucky.

In front of the ocean view, we also had dinner. Seeing the view of a calm sea with the light shining on the surface, I felt as if we had dinner on board.

I didn’t have confidence in my choice that I became a freelance photographer. However, after talking with Yamaguchi, I definitely said yes to my decision. I can take what I want to do so with my camera. I have a friend with whom I can talk about my work and life.

We toasted to the beautiful scenery of Toyosu Park and our tomorrow. I didn’t forget to take pictures while eating to record my everyday life in Tokyo.

The view from Toyosu Park was like this. A picture always reflects one’s heart. Now, everything seemed calm and warm through the lens of my camera.

Toyosu Park: Google map

Know more about Toyosu: Official website

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mao nakazawa

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